NEW BOOK – Friends of Governance for Sustainable Development Volume 7

NEW YORK — Today, the Friends of Governance for Sustainable Development announced the release of Volume 7: Interlinking Major Sustainable Development Events to Embrace Policy Coherence and Implementation of the 2030 Agenda.

Felix Dodds, Secretary of the Friends of Governance for Sustainable Development and Director of Research and Development of Multilateral Policies and International Affairs at the Rob and Melani Walton Sustainable Solutions Service (RMWSSS) at Arizona State University, and a Fellow at Stakeholder Forum, coordinated the launch of the publication through his publishing company New World Frontiers.

“We are excited to announce the seventh volume of this series of books produced by the Friends group,” said Dodds. “The book is an invaluable resource that includes chapters written by nearly a dozen experts working within the UN system on a range of issues whose perspectives are crucial for anyone working to advance sustainable development at the global level.”

The book includes content from presentations delivered by speakers at the workshop titled “Building Momentum for a Successful Interlinked Set of UN Conferences and Events in 2023.” The chapters are written by leaders from Member States, UN bodies, academia, NGOs and other key stakeholder groups and provide valuable content for any individuals or organizations engaged in UN conferences and events in 2023 and 2024.

The chapters in particular focus on the interlinkages between the major UN conferences of 2023 and in particular: UN Water Conference, the SDG Summit, the UN Climate Summit, the Sendai Review, and the Food System Stock Taking Moment.

The book – both in paperback and for Kindle – is now available for purchase on Amazon.

It is also available free on the Friends of Governance website which is to enable developing countries access to the ideas that are reflected in the book. The book and other resources are available here.