SF’s Irena Zubcevic & David Horan to speak at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting

Stakeholder Forum’s Director Irena Zubcevic and Fellow David Horan will take part in a Panel Symposium at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts, USA on Friday, August 4th, 2023

Putting the Worker Front and Center: Contributions of Workers/Employees in Making an Enterprise Sustainable

It is widely recognized that sustainable business requires meaningful engagements with a wide range of stakeholders – internal and external – to effectively contribute through partnerships to address the complex challenges posed by the SDGs (van Tulder and van Mil 2023, McIntrye, Ivanaj, and Ivanaj 2023, Yiu et al. 2020; Stibbe and Prescott, 2021, Saner and Yiu 2022, Horan 2022, 2021). To be effective SDG contributors and partners, enterprises need to leverage the full range of organizational resources – networks, supply chains, workers/employees – to become sustainable (Voegtlin et al., 2022, Maak et al., 2016). This panel will focus on the workers/employees channel – their internal/external engagements – and how enterprises can generate partnerships with stakeholders in the interest of inclusive, transparent, just and sustainable solutions. Key questions to be addressed include: what is the nature of the resources that workers/employees hold as a result of their internal/external engagements, to what extent are companies underutilizing these resources, should management offer employees greater opportunities to engage in these activities related to sustainability, what are the risks and opportunities involved in doing so, what types of partnerships between managers, workers and employers could contribute most to corporate sustainability and the SDGs.

The panel will bring together speakers from a range of disciplines including international business, management, HRM, and sustainability/SDGs to advance research on these pertinent questions. We propose a multi-stakeholder panel including speakers from academia, the UN, and civil society to discuss different ways in which businesses can leverage workers/employees’ internal/external engagements through SDG partnerships to further organizational performance for the SDGs, highlighting challenges and opportunities in this regard.

Guest Speaker: Rob van Tulder, Rotterdam School of Management & The Partnership Resource Centre

The Panel:

David Horan, Trinity Business School, Dublin, & Fellow at Stakeholder Forum for a Sustainable Future

Raymond Saner, University of Basel and Center for Socio-Economic Development (CSEND)

Irena Zubcevic, Director, Stakeholder Forum for a Sustainable Future

Silvester Ivanaj, ICN Business School

Lichia Yiu-Saner, Center for Socio-Economic Development (CSEND), Geneva

Vera Ivanaj, University of Lorraine, CEREFIGE

John McIntyre, Scheller College of Business, Georgia Institute of Technology