Changes at Stakeholder Forum

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Farooq Ullah is standing down from his post as Executive Director of Stakeholder Forum (SF) on December 31, 2016.
In a letter to the Board, he said that he had been proud to lead the work of SF though the past four years of intense international activity on sustainable development. Stakeholders of all kinds had been deeply and constructively engaged with the creation of the UN's 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the universal Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - and SF had played a significant part in promoting and supporting that engagement at international, regional and national levels. However, as the task of implementing the SDGs now falls more to the national level Farooq felt that it was an appropriate time for him to stand down from SF and to focus his own efforts more at the national level through the new UK Stakeholders for Sustainable Development (UKSSD) and in other ways.
In response, Charles Nouhan, the Chair of Stakeholder Forum's Board of Directors, said that the Board had felt obliged to accept Farooq's resignation but with reluctance and regret. During Farooq's period of office, Stakeholder Forum had played an important part in the engagement of stakeholders around the world in developing the international consensus on sustainable development, and in underpinning this with a series of well-judged reports and papers on key aspects of the sustainable development agenda. The Board unanimously wished to thank Farooq Ullah for his leadership, good humour, and unfaltering faith in the Stakeholder Forum mission.  While recognising and accepting the personal reasons for his decision to step down as Executive Director, they are very glad that Farooq has agreed to remain on the Board as a non-executive Director.
The Board believe that stakeholder engagement with the implementation of sustainable development both at national and at international level is more important than ever and still needs to be promoted vigorously throughout the world.
However, SF has had increasing difficulty in recent years in securing sufficient funding to enable it to continue operating on the scale that is needed to make a significant contribution to the cause of promoting sustainable development globally. Therefore, the Board have been investigating ways in which the work and experience of SF could be merged with or absorbed by a larger and more securely funded organisation sharing the same mission as SF. The Board are continuing to explore that objective and would be glad to hear from any organisation or individual wishing to link themselves with the work and experience of SF in this field, or to carry forward the SF mission, name or mode of operation in any suitable international context.
Meanwhile, the Board have decided that from 1 January 2017 Stakeholder Forum will need to enter a phase of reduced operations. The Board will continue to oversee the completion of current projects, the maintenance of the website for information, and any other contacts needed.  But they will not at this stage seek to recruit a new Executive Director.  During this phase, any requests for information or suggestions for co-operation on new work should be addressed to the Chair, Charles Nouhan (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

New report on Implementing the SDGs in the an Integrated and Coherent Way

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It is widely accepted that the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) require implementation that is both universal and integrated; every country must pursue policies which coherently span the economic, environmental and social aspects of the sustainable development agenda to ensure the best results.

SeeingTheWhole2This report sheds light for policymakers on how this can be achieved, with the simultaneous focus on the twelfth SDG, Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) and its related policies within the EU context.

A joint research piece by Stakeholder Forum, Bioregional and Newcastle University and funded by Government of Finland, the project follows from Stakeholder Forum’s earlier Universality report which identified SCP as the biggest transformational challenge amongst the SDGs for the developed world, and this is why we chose SDG 12 as our focal point in the present work. The EU was selected as the main test bed in the previous report, and has again been the subject of focus in this current one.

Report: the Implications of the SDGs for Developed Countries

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Universal Sustainable Development Goals

Understanding the Transformational Challenge for Developed Countries

Report cover3 May 2015

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are intended to be universal in the sense of embodying a universally shared common global vision of progress towards a safe, just and sustainable space for all human beings to thrive on the planet. They reflect the moral principles that no-one and no country should be left behind, and that everyone and every country should be regarded as having a common responsibility for playing their part in delivering the global vision. In general terms, all of the goals have therefore been conceived as applying both as ambitions and as challenges to all countries. All of the goals and targets contain important messages and challenges for developed and developing countries alike.

INSIGHT_E Newsletter: Informing the European Commission and stakeholders on energy issues

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Earlier this year, Stakeholder Forum and 11 European partners launched the INSIGHT_E project, which serves as an energy think tank for the European Commission. The multi-disciplinary think tank consists of experts from the energy sector, including top researchers, engineers, trade practitioners, and, economic, environmental and legal advisers. Together this team, provides high quality advice and impact assessments on key topics related to European based energy policy-making.

As a first communications output, the think tank has produced the below newsletter which provides more information about the project, a report on EU natural gas security and an overview of forthcoming activities:

NY Office - Global Policy Intern

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We are recruiting for an enthusiastic intern with a keen interest in sustainable development and international relations to work with us on a part time basis for three months. The successful candidate will participate in a variety of activities for Stakeholder Forum’s global policy work around the United Nations, including around the follow-up processes from the Rio+20 Conference and the post-2015 development agenda.