Today at the CSD: Archived Programmes

15 May 2009: Episode Ten, Today at the CSD

In our final edition of Today at the CSD, Madhyama Subramanian talks to the leaders of the trade unions, NGOs, youth caucus and indigenous peoples to learn of their take on the outcome of CSD-17. We also investigate the intergovernmental response to the financial crisis. Listen in!

14 May 2009: Episode Nine, Today at the CSD

On Today at the CSD, we talk about public-private partnerships, decipher the term "food sovereignty," explore climate change through theater and take a walk through Central Park!

13 May 2009: Episode Eight, Today at the CSD

On this episode of Today At The CSD, host Merim Tenev asks CSD chair Gerda Verburg why a prominent report on agriculture isn't impacting the content of negotiations here at the commission. Armando Canchanya explores the history and inner workings of the CSD, and we hear from two green entrepreneurs and winners of the 2009 SEED award. Finally, Merim asks the question: will there be an earth summit in 2012?

12 May 2009: Episode Seven, Today at the CSD

On today's show, Catherine Karong’o updates you on all the latest news and discussions from the day’s events. In this episode, we find out about fast food in Namibia, learn about the African agenda, hear about green jobs, and we bust some jargon. Tune in to find out more.

11 May 2009: Episode Six, Today at the CSD

Do you want to hear sizzling debates, updates and discussions on the Commission on Sustainable Development meeting? Then listen to episode six of Today at the CSD as Madhyama Subramanian brings you all the juicy details.

8 May 2009: Episode Five, Today at the CSD

In today's episode, Catherine takes you around the CSD, covering politics, biochar, gene storing and more!

7 May 2009: Episode Four, Today at the CSD

Tune in as Merim Tenev covers Today at the CSD! We cover a chilly story from the Arctic, the impact of adverts on flashy lifestyles, and the role of women in sustainable development. Come join us!

6 May 2009: Episode Three, Today at the CSD

What is organic food? ....We know, you've heard about it and even use it, but don't know what it is. Well...you can find out on Today at the CSD, with Armando Canchan!

5 May 2009: Episode Two, Today at the CSD

In today’s programme we explore sustainable agriculture and soil, have a discussion about the education process on sustainable development, and ask people on the NYC streets if they have a clue what “sustainable development” means!

4 May 2009: Episode One, Today at the CSD

It's our very first episode of Today at the CSD! Catherine Karong'o reviews Day One at the commission, examines the role of religion in sustainable development, and investigates the legal matters of climate change!