Earth Talk: Archived Programmes

Earth Talk, Episode 10

Listen in as Merim Tenev walks us through land degradation and desertification, tying these critical issues to indigenous communities.

Earth Talk, Episode 9

Does food sovereignty mean food security? In today's Earth Talk, listen to an intense debate as Catherine Karong'o tackles this thorny question with Wilfred Legg (OECD) and Neth Dano (Third World Network), who come at the issue from rather different perspectives.

Earth Talk, Episode 8

In a very special event, Armando Canchanya presents Earth Talk en español! Listen to his Spanish chat with André Odenbreit of Brazil and Roger Peniche of Mexico, as they talk about goals and concerns at CSD.

Earth Talk, Episode 7

Can we really put a price on nature? Should ecology and economics be put in the same equation? Find out on Earth Talk, as Merim Tenev investigates payment for eco-services with Christopher Aicher (Franciscans International) and Arthur Getz Escudero (Heifer International)

Earth Talk, Episode 6

At CSD, water rights is touted as a cross-cutting issue. Listen as Armando Canchanya checks in with Hannah Stoddart and Lesha Witmer about this pressing issue.

Earth Talk, Episode 5

What are biofuels? What opportunities can they provide for local farmers? And can they be used sustainably? Today on Earth Talk, host Catherine Karong’o talks to youth delegates Kevin Tan and Mechaila Okhengbon to shed some light on the subject.

Earth Talk, Episode 4

Unraveling the differences betweeen organic and fertiliser farming, understanding approaches to sustainable agriculture...That was today's Earth Talk, where Merem Tenev hosted a discussion with Morgane Danielou-Doumbouya (Director of Communication at the International Fertilizer Industry Association) and Thomas Forster (from the faculty of the New School, where he teaches in the new Food Studies Program).

Earth Talk, Episode 3

Today on Earth Talk, Armando Canchanya talks to two very knowledgable personalities at the Commission on Sustainable Development who demystify Agenda 21. It was agreed upon at an environmental conference in Rio De Janeiro in 1992, but has little to show nearly two decades later...

Earth Talk, Episode 2

Today at the programme, Madhyama Subramanian discusses how the key issues on environmental protection and nature preservation have changed over the years from the Rio Earth Summit in 1992 to CSD 17.

Her guests were Genevieve Verbrugge and Kiara Worth. For years Genevieve was part of the French Government Delegation to the CSD and is now an independent consultant. Kiara is a sustainable development consultant from South Africa and representative of the youth delegation at the CSD.

Earth Talk, Episode 1

Catherine Karong'o kicks off Earth Talk with an invigorating discussion on agriculture and food security. Guests include CSD Chair Gerda Verburg (Minister of Agriculture, Netherlands), Gemma Adaba (International Trade Union), and Juan Hoffmaister (Third World Network).