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UN ECOSOC Annual Ministerial Review

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For the UN ECOSOC Annual Ministerial Review on Sustainable Development, July 2008, Stakeholder Forum conducted a global stakeholder consultation on sustainable development and the 7th Millennium Development Goal, providing perspectives and recommendations for the consideration of the review.


Stakeholder Forum was invited by the UN Economic and Social Council (UN ECOSOC) and commissioned by the UK Department for International Development (UK DFID) to conduct a global stakeholder consultation for the ECOSOC Annual Ministerial Review in 2008. The focus of the AMR 2008 was 'implementing the internationally agreed goals and targets in regard to sustainable development' - as part of the review, eight country governments were invited to submit national presentations on their progress in the area of sustainable development.

There were also two parallel high level Roundtables which focused on 'The role of ecosystem services for sustainable development' and 'Meeting the challenges of water and sanitation'. As part of the engagement process for the AMR, Stakeholder Forum consulted a diversity of stakeholders on progress, obstacles and constraints in achieving the three targets outlined in the 7th Millennium Development Goal (MDG7) to 'ensure environmental sustainability'. Through surveys, questionnaires and telephone interviews, Stakeholder Forum produced a 'synthesis document' of stakeholder views, identifying some of the key issues identified by a diversity of stakeholders. This document was presented to government representatives in time for the High Level Dialogue. For more information on Stakeholder Forum's role in the AMR 2008, please visit the dedicated mini-site here



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