Stakeholder Forum for a Sustainable Future

Stakeholder Forum is a not-for-profit international organisation, registered in the UK, the Netherlands, and the USA, working to advance sustainable development at all levels. Our work aims to enhance open, accountable, and participatory decision-making and governance on sustainable development through enhancing the involvement of all stakeholders. We focus particularly on the effective engagement of stakeholders with international policy processes. For over 25 years we have been a bridge between those who have a stake in sustainable development and the international forums where decisions are made in their name. Read More.

Towards Stockholm+50, a joint initiative by Stakeholder Forum for a Sustainable Future and Forum for utvikling og miljø (the Norwegian Forum for Development and Environment) ForUM, has the aim to engage the widest variety of non-state actors – globally – to raise awareness about the legacy of 50 years of implementing environmental policies, with a series of lectures and other resources.

Stakeholder Forum is delighted to announce the appointment of Irena Zubcevic as its new Director.

She took up office on 1 August following her retirement from the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs.

Stockholm+50: A background note: A background paper for the consultation on Stockholm+50 organised as Consultation 4 during the Global Major Groups and Stakeholders’ Forum, the GMGFC.

The Global Partnership for Ocean Wave Energy Technology – A Sustainable Development Multi-Stakeholder Partnership “LET THE OCEANS LOOK AFTER US.”

Stakeholder Forum Appoints Irena Zubcevic as its New Director. SF is delighted to announce the appointment; please see for details.

Addressing and overcoming the triple planetary crisis can't be achieved without the participation of #IndigenousPeoples 🌍

Read the Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities #Stockholm50 Declaration 👇

The ocean is the greatest ally in our efforts to address the climate emergency and is home to vital #biodiversity.

It generates 50% of the oxygen we need and absorbs 25% of all carbon dioxide emissions.

See how you can help #SaveOurOcean:

Inspiring call to action from President Kenyatta to packed house at start of @UN Ocean Conference — “our ocean is a global commons” that we must to more to protect.

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