Stockholm+50: Summary Report of Themes Highlighted at Stakeholder/Civil Society Consultation 4 for UNEA 5.1 on 10 February 2021

This report summarizes the themes highlighted at Consultation 4 of the Global Major Groups and Stakeholder’s Forum, the GMGSF, preparing for UNEA 5.1, 2021. Held on February 10, 2021, it was one of the many preparatory meetings for the first session of the fifth United Nations Environment Assembly, UNEA 5.1.

In 2022, fifty years will have elapsed since the nations of the world agreed to recognise the environment as an important issue on the global political agenda. The United Nations Conference on the Human Environment – The Stockholm Conference – in June 1972 was the occasion for this agreement, the establishment of the United Nations Environment Programme, UNEP, was among the first tangible results emanating from this conference. With a growing interest from all stakeholders in the upcoming commemoration of UNEP, and in fifty years of global work on the environment, the Major Groups at UNEP had decided to focus two of its five thematic consultations during the UNEA 5.1 process on this issue. One of the two consultations concentrated on what is called “UNEP@50”, the other had as its theme “Stockholm+50”.

The paper was produced by Jan-Gustav Strandenaes, Senior Advisor on Governance, Stakeholder Forum

You can download the report here: Stockholm+50 – Summary Report of Themes Highlighted at Stakeholder-Civil Society Consultation 4 for UNEA 5.1, 2021

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