Knowledge Exchange on approaches and tools for the VNRs

Stakeholder Forum was one of the organisations in a selected group of stakeholders that presented 2 minutes “pitches” to Member States at the VNR knowledge exchange meeting organized by UN DESA and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 20 November 2019 in Oslo, Norway. Stakeholder Forum’s pitched the recently launched Global Forum for National SDG Advisory Bodies.

The objective of the events was to create an interactive space for UN entities, international organizations and stakeholders to showcase tools, methodologies and approaches that could support VNR countries and processes in implementing the 2030 Agenda, and to facilitate knowledge exchange and networking between VNR countries and partners in key themes of the follow-up and review process of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The VNR process, a highly recognized HLPF exercise, is increasingly featuring whole-of-government and whole-of-society approaches. Constructive multi-stakeholder engagement through existing or new SDG advisory bodies in the VNR process can strengthen such approaches and the quality of the VNRs. The Global Forum, launched at the 2019 HLPF, aims to help strengthen national councils and similar multi-stakeholder bodies where they exist, and – with resources such as twinning and mentoring with long-standing and enduring councils – encourage the formation of such bodies there they do not exist, but would be welcomed. Benefitting from the collective knowledge of the Global Forum membership, national governments, and their advisory bodies, it will help multi-stakeholder advisory bodies to be better positioned to deliver SDGs in general and VNRs in particular, through shared knowledge on national sustainable development policy-making, peer-exchange, shortcuts to understanding policy cycles, and institutional capacity building, and by elevating access to communities of practitioners.

Stakeholder Forum for a Sustainable Future was represented by its board member Jan-Gustav Strandenaes and its executive director, Ruben Zondervan.