Think 2030 – Stakeholder Forum paper on “Advancing Sustainable Development Goals”

The Institute for European Environmental Policies (IEEP), in partnership with GLOBE EU, is creating a new sustainability platform, Think 2030. This platform will inform a science-based agenda for European environmental policy beyond 2020 by convening a diverse range of stakeholders to discuss and propose solutions to Europe’s most pressing sustainability issues.

Stakeholder Forum has contributed to Think 2030 by producing a paper on  “Advancing Sustainable Development Goals within Europe and Globally: The Role of the EU”. This paper,  written by Stakeholder Forum’s Associate, Leida Rijnhout, together with Stakeholder Forum and Earth System Governance Project’s executive director, Ruben Zondervan, complements a set of papers and policy recommendations on a range of sustainability issues for the next European Commission, Parliament and for Member States.

Download the draft Think 2030 Synthesis Paper and draft policy papers.