Think 2030 – Science-policy solutions for a more sustainable Europe

The Institute for European Environmental Policies (IEEP), in partnership with GLOBE EU, is creating a new sustainability platform, Think 2030.

Informing a science-based agenda for European environmental policy beyond 2020, Think 2030 convenes a diverse range of stakeholders to discuss and propose solutions to Europe’s most pressing sustainability issues. Think 2030 will produce policy recommendations on a range of sustainability issues for the next European Commission, Parliament and for Member States. The conference will take place on 17-18 October 2018, in Brussels.

Read more about the conference here.

On the first day of the conference progressive business, NGOs and civil society and local authorities will discuss policy papers produced by the research community. One of the papers commissioned by IEEP to be presented at the conference is written by Stakeholder Forum’s Associate, Leida Rijnhout, together with Stakeholder Forum and Earth System Governance Project’s executive director, Ruben Zondervan.

Their paper “Advancing Sustainable Development Goals within Europe and Globally: The Role of the EU” will be fine-tuned after the conference, taking into account comments by conference participants and external reviewers, and the final version will be published in November and be presented to members of the European Parliament.