Stakeholder Forum Supports National Plan for SDGs by UKSSD

Stakeholder Forum is glad to have been able to provide a substantial grant to UKSSD, supporting their National Plan for United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals implementation in the United Kingdom.

To date, the UK does not have a comprehensive national strategy to achieve the SDGs by 2030. This National Plan will be created by the UKSSD and its partners.

Historically Stakeholder Forum’s mission has been to promote and facilitate stakeholder engagement within the UN system to advance sustainable development around the world. In the past, it has pursued this mission both internationally at the UN and other international settings, and also more specifically in the UK. In the future, the new partnership which Stakeholder Forum has entered into with the Earth System Governance Project will concentrate primarily on the international level, and no longer expects to engage pro-actively in specifically UK-oriented work. Stakeholder Forum regards UKSSD (which its previous Director Farooq Ullah helped to establish) as now being much better placed to carry on UK-oriented work in this field. As a final UK-oriented action Stakeholder Forum, therefore, provided supportive funding.

With the help of the grant, UKSSD have been able to invite and coordinate a wide range of organizations to write the chapters of the report. The grant supports project management, copywriting and editing, awareness raising and communications activities amongst other activities. The first steps of the plan are underway; find out more here. The draft findings are currently undergoing stakeholder review in preparation for the launch during the UN’s High-Level Political Forum on sustainable development in July 2018, where the theme will be “Transformation towards sustainable and resilient societies”.

Stakeholder Forum will, of course, maintain close relations and regular communication with UKSSD, and any similar sustainable development-oriented stakeholder groupings operating in any part of the world, so as to help ensure that international and national stakeholder work on SDGs is mutually supportive.

Board of Directors, Stakeholder Forum