Stakeholder Forum + UNCSD Capacity Building

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In order to implement paragraph 21 of General Assembly resolution A/RES/64/236, which "encourages the active participation of all major groups" at all stages of the preparatory process, the Rio+20 Secretariat, in partnership with the Stakeholder Forum, and with the support of the European Commission Directorate General for the Environment, is offering a series of capacity building workshops.

Global Transition 2012 newsltetter

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Global_transitionThis month we launched the Global Transition 2012 newsletter with highlights from our Global Transition 2012 Initiative, which aims to achieve an outcome from Rio+20 that catalyses a global transition to an economy that maximizes wellbeing, operates within environmental limits, and is capable of coping and adapting to global environmental change in an equitable manner.

Office move

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Stakeholder Forum has recently moved offices from Bloomsbury to Whitehall. Please take note of our new contact details and phone number.

Open Letter to the Secretary General of the UNCSD

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Co-Chairs of the Bureau for Rio+20 and Member-States of the United Nations


We – the civil society organizations and social movements who have responded to the call of the United Nations General Assembly to participate in the Rio+20 process – feel that is our duty to call the attention of relevant authorities and citizens of the world to a situation that severely threatens the rights of all people and undermines the relevance of the United Nations.

Earth Debates 3: Green cities in a green economy- how to pioneer a sustainable transition?

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The third Earth Debate, hosted by the Natural History Museum, London in partnership with Stakeholder Forum and the British Council will focus on cities.

Cities will play an increasing role in the welfare of both people and the environment in the future. How can we make them greener? For the first time in history half of the world’s population is located in urban spaces rather than rural areas. By 2030, nearly 60% are expected to be urban dwellers.